My First Blog Post

What’s in a Name?

Walt Disney once said, “I hope we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.”

Those words could not ring more true for me and my family. So why do I call my Blog “MagicMadeByDisney?”

To know that, I’ll have to give you my backstory. You see, my husband and I first started working at Disneyland at the age of 17. I began my career as float driver in the Main Street Electrical Parade, while he began his as a performer in the Very Merry Christmas Parade. Though we were both working in the same department for a few years, we didn’t lock eyes until we were both cast in the Lion King Celebration Parade. For decades we continued our entertainment journey with the Disneyland Resort, we even crossed the Pacific and performed in Japan at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort for several years. After returning to the States, we concentrated on our film and tech careers with Disney and began adding to our little family. We certainly had quite the journey working for the Mouse. I ended my career with Disney after 22 years, in my dream position, as a Film/TV Production Manager.

Grateful for the many opportunities I was presented with over the years at the Walt Disney Company, I am most grateful that it provided me with an opportunity to meet my husband, and now we have two awesome kiddos!!

If it weren’t for Walt, drawing that Mouse 91 years ago, my life would not be as I know it today. MAGIC was certainly MADE BY DISNEY for my family.

-Catherine aka MagicMadeByDisney

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